Part Princess, Part Dragon, All Business​

Meet the cast…

Alice inherited a large, crumbling castle when her father ran off with a stripper, and her mum decided to go ‘find herself’.

She’s smart, she’s sweet, she’s got a slightly wicked sense of humour, a soft spot for gin and she don’t expect no stinking knight to come rescue her, thanks.

And somehow she needs to make this business work!   READ MORE?

Want to make your Business Fairytale a Reality?

Chapter One:
Click below to live happily ever after…

Chapter Two:

Maybe you’ve already finished finding your why, your what and your who?

But now you’re tired of wasting your time trying to find new Clients… constantly?

And not just new ones… good ones? Ones that you actually want to work with? 

Sign up to The Quest for Clients. and build yourself a Lead Magnet that will be so IRRESISTIBLE to your ideal client that they’ll be lining up to work with you.

Works Like Magic

We’re running a LIVE round, starting 29th April 2019,
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Not the other way around.

Chapter Three:

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to actually make some money?

Apply to take part in The Reluctant Marketer’s Mastermind – a 90 day Mastermind that’ll take your marketing to the next, stratospheric level. 

The next Mastermind starts May 15th 2019

It’s all very well knowing that you have to ‘do’ marketing and sales, but unless you actually do them, you’re not going to make the income you want to support your ideal Lifestyle. You won’t ever build that Freedom Business because you won’t have any clients or customers to pay for it.

Unless you’re marketing, you won’t make money. 
And a business that doesn’t make money is a hobby. 

So… if you’re not marketing (and you’re being honest with yourself), you already know that you’re not building a business. You’ve simply got an expensive hobby.

 Do you want to change that?

Sign up for the wait list and be the first to hear about what The Reluctant Marketer’s Mastermind can do for your marketing, your business income, and your self-worth.

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