Alice inherited a large, crumbling castle when her father ran off with a stripper from Rio, and her mother decided it was time to go and find herself in Goa.

She spends her time trying to build a business that will pay her enough to fix up the castle and then retire and sit on the sofa all day eating bonbons and watching crap TV. Or perhaps she’ll fix it up, sell it and then run off somewhere herself, footloose and inheritance tax-free.

What this means is that she doesn’t like to waste time, and that there’s always an exit plan for everything.

She’s smart, she’s sweet, she’s got a slightly wicked (ok, full-metal wicked) sense of humour, a soft spot for gin and she don’t expect no stinking knight to come rescue her, thanks. She’s saving herself and proud of it.

On the flipside, as hard as she tries, she’s sometimes not massively successful, usually because she spends her life overthinking and over-delivering.

She needs to learn to chill the **** out and calm the **** down. And to bake.

Oh, and she’s a princess, and her best friend is a Dragon.

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