Book launch

Well, hello there, you’re looking particularly wonderful today. Is that a new haircut? I LOVE that colour on you…

OK, fine then, yes, I do want something (although I bet you DO look particularly wonderful, just saying). I need your help. But I promise to reward you handsomely for your involvement. Hand-Some-Ly.

I was wondering if you were busy around, say, the 17th of April? I only ask because that’s the day that I’m launching my first book ‘Alice and The Dragon and The Quest for Clients’. And I need some help. Oh boy, do I need some help.

What that would actually look like – I’ll give you some stuff to share on the 17th, so that I can let as many people as possible know about the book. In return, you’ll also get a copy the book I’m asking you to help me promote – FREE!

And then… if you are willing to give the book an honest review on Amazon, within a couple of days of downloading and reading it (honestly, it’ll take you maybe an hour, max), then as a huge thank you, I’ll give you access to my ‘Alice and The Dragon Boost a Facebook Post’ course for FREE.


Well OK then. Sign up below and I’ll see you on the other side!


What you’ll do:

  • Tell people about the book on the 17th April
  • Download the book for free
  • Review the book

What you’ll get:

  • A free copy of the book
  • (So long as you post an honest review of the book within 48 hours of downloading it,) The ‘Alice and The Dragon Boost a Facebook Post’ course. For FREE. (Value £99)
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