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Alli G (128 of 174)

I’ve had a couple of messages from SheROs telling me that they’d quite like a reading, but don’t want other people knowing their business, their deepest darkest doubts or whatever’s going on in their head. So, should that be of concern to you, here’re some options you can pick from if you want to get a personal reading from me.

What you’ll get is a recording of me picking the cards and telling you what they mean, plus a photo of the card reading. That way, you can go and have a look at some extra info afterwards, which might add to the meaning of what I’m picking up. 

P.S. these readings are currently only for SheROs. Depending on how many people want them, I might end up increasing the prices. So if you’re thinking about it, I’d say get in now. The subscriptions especially are low priced AND have a trial on them, so grab em while they’re hot.

These are deliberately low prices because I want to help – but obviously, if I’m doing this, I’m not doing other stuff which earns me money, so they’re not going to be free.


Individual readings available

Subscriptions available

P.S. If you’ve already had a reading, then you’ll know that sometimes these cards have bit of a personality of their own. Just so you know, even if you don’t like what I tell you, there are no refunds because I’ve already put the time in to create your personalised reading 😉

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