Alice and The Dragon and The Quest for Clients

Alice looked out of the library window. It was raining. Again. The dark clouds rolled across the sky and thunder rumbled in the distance. She couldn’t blame the weather… Alice felt exactly the same way. She looked at the business book she was holding in her lap, sighed and then started to read again.

“Once upon a time, it was easy to find clients and customers. But then, a curse fell across the land, and a great sickness named ‘Cynicism’ overtook the population. From then on, instead of living in ease and flow, businesses found the online world an increasingly dark place to visit.

Eventually, it seemed as if none of the tools they had were working any longer. However much marketing, advertising, and networking they did, it was as if a famine of finance had arrived.

As low as their prices were, their customers wanted to pay less.

As hard as they worked, their clients wanted more.

As beautiful as their work was, their customers were no longer satisfied.”

Alice knew the feeling. She was fed up of trying to make her customers happy. The ones she had either moaned and paid late, or just moaned. She needed some new customers, and she needed them fast. And more importantly, she needed some GREAT new customers. Ones that ‘Got’ what she was doing, loved it and who were actually willing to pay for it.

But where could she find people like that? And more importantly, how could she bypass this plague of Cynicism? She was tired of trying, and given what she’d tried so far, she imagined that it was going to take some kind of miracle.

She looked back at the book and wondered if it was worth talking to The Inventor. She’d found his book lying open on one of the large wooden tables when she’d come to the library looking for answers. Perhaps he’d already worked out how to solve the problem she was facing.

Alice decided that she’d return it to him anyway. It smelled as if he was having a cookie-baking day, and if nothing else, one of The Inventor’s cookies would always cheer her up.

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