The Reluctant Marketer Mastermind
“Bonbons and Crap TV”

Alice was sitting having breakfast (Coco Pops with vintage champagne, seeing as you asked), mulling over the Castle Accounts. They were still bothering her. Too much going out. Too little coming in. She’d tried to cut back, but one has to LIVE, and besides, she had a Castle-full of employees and one extremely thirsty Dragon to keep in gin and cake.

She’d wracked her brains about what she could sell to make enough money to keep the place afloat. And she’d come up with a rather spiffing concept – ‘A day in the life of’, where guests could come and stay in the Castle and live the life of a Princess/Prince/whatever they wanted really. Or at least, the stereotypical ‘day in the life of’, as Alice was pretty sure that having to do what she had to do every day wasn’t going to sell.

But she wanted more. She wanted to be able to make enough money to do all the repairs the Castle needed, then decorate it, and then either put in a management company to run the place, while she ate bonbons and watched crap TV. Or alternatively, to sell it at a premium and bugger off somewhere warm.

So she needed a plan. She needed to automate and scale this puppy. But first of all, she needed some clients. Clients who would not only pay to play, but pay happily and then tell all their friends to come and do the same. She felt a plan coming on…

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