Finding (almost) free customers on Facebook (continued)

Think of it like this… if life is like a box of chocolates, then Facebook advertising is like making a cake.  You need the right ingredients, the right tools, the right method and the right temperature, and you need to practice in order to get it perfect.  

If any one of these things is missing or lacking, you could potentially end up with a disaster.

Like this…

Can you spot the difference? This one is all my own work…

Amongst my family and friends I am affectionately known as the Destroyer of Cake.  I can blow them up, they sink, and if they do make it through the baking process in one piece, they turn out like paving slabs.  I had no idea why, until my professional baker sister (Spoiler Alert – she’s the one making the good cakes – not me!!) watched me try to make a sponge cake.  Apparently you aren’t supposed to whisk in the flour for 10 minutes and then bake it at 250 degrees.  I was simply missing a fairly crucial bit of knowledge about the chemical (and explosive) properties of flour.

Who knew?

However, as much as I’m a dreadful baker, I’m brilliant at Facebook advertising. OK, it might be niche, but everybody has to be good at something!  Luckily it’s a niche that allows me to manipulate reality to my liking, AKA, getting sales and leads for my lovely clients.

But enough about me.  You’re here because you want to find customers on Facebook for (almost) free. 

Finding (almost) free customers on Facebook is made up of three parts

OK… So here’s how to do it:

  1. Find your existing customers on Facebook. 
  2. Promote your posts to your page followers
  3. Use Facebook’s inbuilt Detailed Targeting to identify lovely, shiny new customers.


When you communicate with your existing customers, you’re likely to have one of two things.  Either their email address or their telephone number.  If you give Facebook a list of this information (plus their names) it will go out and place all of your customers into one easily identifiable chunk, commonly known as a custom audience.  You can then boost a post or send an advert directly to this custom audience. In order to create the custom audience on Facebook, you simply upload a file of names, emails and phone numbers.  It takes a minute at most.


While you’re creating custom audiences, you can go and create another one that includes every person who has ever interacted with your business page.  Once you’ve done that, you can either boost a post directly to them (if you want to simply tell them about something) or, alternatively, you can create an actual advert that will be seen by the people who are ready to buy from you or sign up to what you have on offer.


Inside the Facebook Ads platform, savvy advertisers can use the tools that Facebook provides to find exactly the type of new customer they are looking for.  The targeting available is unmatched anywhere else online and it outperforms anything that you could possibly pay for ‘in real life’ (print, TV, radio, billboards etc…).  Not only is it cheaper, more accurate and far more accessible, but it will give you detailed feedback about what works and what doesn’t.  So you won’t waste your money advertising to people who are never going to become paying customers.


We’ve all been and looked at stuff on websites and then found ourselves mercilessly stalked by e.g. that link to the feathered lamp with the gold flamingo leg that your friend sent you and you clicked on.  This is known as retargeting and is actually one of the most powerful and effective tools available to businesses today. 

Facebook Ads are easy to use, and they’re available to anybody who has a Facebook account.  

What can sometimes be tricky is knowing how to set things up so that you get more out of the transaction than Facebook does.  Just like baking, you have to put in the right ingredients, using the right method, in order to get reliable results

The rules of Facebook have changed.  Advertisers simply don’t ‘strike it lucky’ anymore; you need to know what you’re doing if you want reliable, replicable results. 

In business terms, reliable, replicable results mean that you’re in charge of the number of new customers you get. Which in turn means you can predict and control the amount of business income you make.

And let’s face it, we are all in business to make money.  So – if you found this information useful and you’d like to learn more about how to use Facebook Ads to build your list, find your tribe and sell your stuff… then come and join me in the World of Nerd and I’ll show you exactly how it’s done. 

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