If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll know that there’s no getting around it…

You have to tell people what you do before they can buy from you.

You can have the most amazing products and services, but if no-one knows about them, you’re not going to sell any. Which means you’re not going to make any money. Which means that… actually, you’ve got an expensive hobby rather than a business.

And telling people about it can often be hard. Not only because it’s difficult to put your head over the parapet and offer the thing you love to the world – a world which might not love it as much as you do… But also because in this climate of cynicism, it’s really hard to know how to get your message across. 

Online marketing has changed, and continues to change rapidly.

But you still need to find a way to persuade customers that what you have to offer is their best option.

Sometimes the fastest way to do this is to work with a specialist. Someone who will keep on top of new methods, and cut through the noise for you. Someone who can help you see your business as part of a larger eco-system. Someone who can draw you a map.

In order to get your own Marketing Map, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire first, to see if we can help you. If we think that we can, then we’ll invite you to book a call where we talk about what you want to achieve and how you can achieve as much as possible of that, in just 30 days.

The call lasts 45 minutes, during which time, we create your Marketing Map together. And then we book another 15 minute call to take place approximately 30 days later, where we review your progress through the Marketing Map.

Cost: £99

Please click here to start the process.

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