Alice and The Dragon Boost a Facebook Post

What you’ll get: Seven steps to Better Boosted Posts.


  • The best type of post – and why
  • The most effective (and cheapest) way to get great results using Objectives
  • To Button or Not to Button (that is the question)
  • Audiences (and how to target them)
  • Custom Audiences (and how to create them)
  • Housekeeping and essential maintenance
  • How to really amp up the results of your Boosted Posts!

Fast Action Bonuses:

  1. Course Cribsheet (you get this if you listen to the end of the Webinar and/or if you purchase the course)
  2. An invitation to a live training session next week, plus access to replay (This Bonus disappears at midnight GMT 14th March)
  3. List of available interests that you can use to target your buyers (This Bonus disappears at midnight GMT 15th March)
  4. Tools for Better Posts (This Bonus disappears at midnight GMT 16th March)

Cart closes at midnight GMT 17th March 2019

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