Class of 2018

Enjoyed Catnip for Clients? Then here’s something especially for you. Because you joined the challenge, it’s clear that you want to learn new strategies and apply them… But it’s a fact of life that there’s no shortcut to getting what you want. If you want to get results, it’s either going to take time or money.

So here’s something that’ll save you a HEAP of time…
but only costs a little bit of money!

Cut through the **** and just do the stuff you need to do to get your business off the ground, get it profitable and then scaleable. Every month SheRules.Online publishes at least one new course that’s an integral part of the jigsaw. Use them to build your business – no messing around, no procrastinating, no faffing. Just good old fashioned experience and common sense (with maybe a subtle hint of anarchic humour).

What you’ll get:

Courses already in the library include ‘How to start your own business’, ‘How to get online’, ‘The ultimate guide to customer retention’, ‘Fearless, Flawless Facebook Ads’ (which sells individually at £499), and ‘Catnip for Clients’.

Coming up: ‘Better Boosted Posts’, ’90 Day Planning Pack – where you FINALLY nail down that content creation’ and much, much more… Prescriptions to get you from point A to point B. Techniques to identify what will get you the most bang for your buck (with the least effort and most ease). Ways of creating something once and then making it work for you over and over again…

What we’re offering you:

50% off the monthly membership (locked in at this price for as long as you are a member) IF you take action before 8PM (GMT) on Tuesday 13th November 2018.

If you’re interested… sign up quickly before the coupons run out!
(pay £49.50 per month rather than £99)

Minimum Membership: 6 months