So, looking at your income so far this year… 

Have you revisited the goals you made at the start of 2019? And if you have… Have you reached them? Did you aim for the stars, but land in the … mud? 

Or have you got what you wanted? 

Perhaps you got exactly what you wanted? But it just cost too much. Your health, your sense of humour… a relationship or two?

Alli Graham - Founder SheRules.Online
I swore at the end of 2017 that I was never going to do that again. I damn near gave myself a breakdown trying to keep all the plates spinning.

I promised myself that 2018 would be different.
And it was.

Alli Graham
Founder - SheRules.Online

Are any of these still on your 2019 To Do list?

  • Launching that program… finally
  • Bringing in a deluge of coaching clients… no really this year, you’re going to get organised
  • Growing a loyal customer base of fans, desperate to buy every product you make
  • Getting that course out into the wild… before someone else does it first
  • Filling up your scheduler with discovery calls…
  • Building your email list… you know you need one, but how?
  • Finding your Tribe… they’re out there and they’d love what you did, if only they knew!
  • Selling your stuff – the Bank Manager is getting kind of insistent


  • You don’t have limitless time
  • You don’t have limitless money
  • You don’t have limitless energy

How about you make a promise to yourself, right now?

That this will be the year where you work less and make more? Where you’ll commit to doing all that grownup business stuff that you know you need if you’re going to actually achieve those goals. Even you can’t bring yourself to look at, (well, not without a stiff drink in your near future, at least).

But… what if it was actually enjoyable?

Snorting out my morning beverage from laughing so much, reading today's assignment! "They gesture weakly for you to continue'. Bhaha! Getting stuck in now to the nitty gritty! Thanks Alli!

If you’re like most people with a business, your time is at a premium. You want to do what you need to do (but only the bare minimum of it) and you want to get it right first time, every time. You aren’t willing to waste any of your precious life, energy and money on ‘perhaps’, or ‘maybe’, or ‘I think it’ll work’. 

Do you want some decisive: 

  • Do this 
  • You can ignore that  
  • Prioritise that first
  • Then when it’s done, look at this

Well? OK then, you’re in the right place.

This was genius. I know my client inside out but getting it onto paper was brilliant and allowed me to refine some things that actually I no longer want to work with and to highlight some key traits that I absolutely want to see in future clients.
HOLY HAIRY **** ****, I don't believe this. I made an ebook. I did it. I created a 99.9% finished thing when my head told me I couldn't. THIS IS EPIC. I learned a thing about myself too! THANK YOU ALLI, this is monumentally huge for me ❤️
What I've been trying to do all week just opened up and gave me mahoosive amounts of clarity on so many levels. Thank you!!

2019 is the year of implementation. 

No more mindless consumption. No more international-standard procrastination while you convince yourself that you need yet another certificate before you let yourself loose on the big wide world.

Watching webinar after webinar and making colour-coded notes is not the same as actually doing stuff. And don’t get me started on visualisation and manifestation…  Yeah, I’m all for goals, and ease and flow. In fact, I’m actually pretty ‘Woo’.

But the reality is that sitting under a tree, meditating about how you’ll feel once you’ve attained your goal is simply not going to get you there – unless you actually do something as well. 

Sorry. But it’s true.

I've been round the online world for a few years now and know the 5 day challenge is a popular lead in. But honestly, this is the only one I ever actually completed. I think the difference was the structure. It was really well thought out. It actually gave us a platform and templates to work from which was really helpful as it made us hyper focus. And with my very narrow time constraints it was very helpful to have that platform already there especially with the cross referencing technique
Claire K
I went through my drawers of printed stuff under a similar theme to yours and binned them over the weekend, as I got more clarity from this then anything else combined!
Anisa Lewis

So what are you going to do about it?
My 2019 has boiled down to three words:

Focus. Plan. Do.

If you’d like to come along on the journey, then we’ve got something that might help. If you’re struggling to decide what’s important (rather than urgent), then here’s what we can offer you.

A carefully curated collection of courses covering every aspect of business building. 

  • Need to know how to start from scratch? We’ve got you.
  • Need to know how to identify your ideal customers online? Yep. That too.
  • Need to know how to increase your client retention? All over it.
  • Need to know how to crush your competition with Facebook Ads? Oh yes. We’ve got a BIG one on that. Agency standard advertising – adapted for small business owners.
  • Need to know how to plan your year so that you’ll actually be able to apply what you know and do it? Like in real life? Yup.

But that’s not actually the point of the
SheRules.Online Academy

The point is that business is a moveable feast. That what worked six months ago might be completely pointless now. And that you’ve not got time to filter out the good stuff because you’re busy saving Gotham. Or running your business.

Kinda feels like the same thing a lot of the time though, doesn’t it?

So, instead of you doing the filtering, the testing, the trying out… we do it for you. And then we present something essential, something USEFUL for you to do.

A new course each month.

Distilled into bite-size, systemised pieces.
Do what it says on the tin.
Get results.

So if you are interested in getting results, in the quickest, most effective way, then we can offer you a monthly membership. You get access to everything that’s in the repository already. And then as we create new content, you get your hands on it first. 

So you’ll be up to date before your competitors have even had coffee… and while they check their vanity metrics on Insta, you’ll be making actual money.

I know.

If you are ready for action, then click the button below to get access to the program.

I'd recommend this, because we lose sight of what we need to do and get caught up in all the noise which I think makes us go wide - instead of digging into our niche.
Stephanie Priest
Ukelele Coach
I thought this was brilliant. It opened doors to a business idea that I hadn't previously considered. The way the program was set out was unique and fun so it didn't feel overwhelming or like a chore completing it.
Absolutely loved it! I’ve gained so much clarity from this, it felt like you were holding my hand all the way (and not in a condescending way either). I feel soooo much better and ready to take action in my business
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