Why use Rude Fairytales to teach business strategy?

Well, because they’re AWESOME. But as well as that, do you know which phrase makes every brain sit up and pay attention to what comes next? The one thing that is guaranteed to prime your subconscious to listen, absorb and understand?

It’s ‘Once upon a time…’


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Want to know which fairytale character
is running YOUR business?

Find out how to make the most of your strengths.
Discover an easier way to work and make more money, faster.
Learn to stand out from the crowd – 
AKA let your Freak Flag Fly, Baby
(and manage not to faint of fright while you do it)

About She Rules Online

Honestly? It was borne out of frustration with the way that most business training is delivered.
So much of it is all straight lines and spreadsheets… and 
dry enough to choke the Sahara. 

Now I love a spreadsheet just as much as the next 
ex-accountant/project manager/QA engineer,
but it’s not the easiest way to learn.

Your brain wants to relax while it’s soaking up new things. Learning through listening to rude stories about neurotic princesses and gin-swilling dragons lulls it into a false sense of security. 

Which means that it forgets that it’s learning
scary new techy stuff that will
help you make more money
faster, easier and with less stress, 
and instead, 
it just soaks it all up.

This way, rather than giving you a post-learning overwhelm hangover that stops implementation in its tracks, your amazing brain goes away and thinks about it. On the back burner. Until it comes up with a BRILLIANT NEW IDEA.

So instead of fighting your brain, each time you try to implement what you’ve learned,
She Rules Online is all about tricking it into working with you…

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