Once upon a time, there was a woman called Alli. She grew up thinking that she’d quite like to ride horses and read books, thanks. But then life got in the way. School got in the way, then university did, and finally, horror of horrors… so did work.

She had a few (very varied) jobs – chartered accountancy training, medical repping, even a bit of HR. Eventually, she ended up in IT.

This came as a shock to Alli, as when her university had computerised the library the Easter before her finals, she had wailed a little bit about never being able to find another book she wanted. Life would be over, blah blah blah etc. 

(It had to be said, she was a bit of a Princess about the whole thing.)

Fast forwarding a few years, Alli spent 25 of them in the IT industry. She did a lot of travelling, a lot of telling other people how to spend their money, and a lot of feeling extremely useful.

But then she had children. No more flying, no more bossing people around, and eventually (because she could no longer do the travel), a new job that paid OK… but that she hated.

So, just before she died of boredom, Alli started a business. There was very little money, and a lot of learning. A lot of late nights, duct tape and gin. She hadn’t given up the day job yet, but she planned to.

Eventually, because she’d managed to make her own business work, Alli was asked to help other people with theirs. So she helped with startups, and scaling and sales and all kinds of things. She decided that it was rather a lot of fun, so she ran away from Corporate, and did her own thing instead.

Fast forward, and Alli decided that instead of doing presentations and webinars about business stuff, she’d try and make it fun. That way people actually did it, rather than spending their energy trying to stay awake.

So, SheRules.Online was born.

With a ton of help/guidance/arse-kicking from her sister, Carrie (organisational genius and all-round good egg), a concept was born, a strategy plotted and a website built. We started doing things differently. We made it ridiculous and fun and silly.

We take silliness very seriously. It works.

This was our fairytale,
would you like to build your own?

Alli Graham

Carrie Cahill

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