If you’re looking for a more comprehensive, faster result, then a Strategy Day is a way to get all of your cards on the table, all at once and take a good hard look at them.

We meet in person between 9.30 and 5 and, having discussed in advance the desired outcome of the day, we work through your challenges, identify obstacles and opportunities, and finish the day with an understanding of what needs to be done to more forward, consciously, and in the direction that most benefits your business.

Topics that can be covered on a Strategy Day are diverse, but can include the following:

  • Business Startup
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Scaling
  • Customer Identification
  • Marketing Map and Strategy
  • List Building
  • Automation of Emails and Systems
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising Strategy
  • Sales Page Setup
  • Website Design
However, if there’s something specific you need help with, let us know when you register your interest, then we can let you know if it’s within our remit before we take your booking.

In order to register your interest in a Strategy Day, please fill in a questionnaire first, to see if we can help you. If we think that we can, then we’ll invite you to book a day with us.

Cost: £800 per day, plus travel expenses

Please click here to register interest.

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