How to attract high-quality clients, AUTOMATICALLY, in just 5 days

Want access to my proven (and FREE) strategy to create a consistent stream of highly qualified leads? Join The Quest for Clients – and start to fix your inconsistent and stressful lead generation!

The Quest is the perfect structure to get even the most reluctant marketer, often me, to clearly name the service you want your business to provide. To identify the help you want to give. By the time you write your lead magnet it is easy and makes perfect sense to share.
Susie Sourwine
I went through my drawers of printed free stuff under a similar theme to yours and binned them over the weekend, as I got more clarity from your challenge then anything else combined!
Anisa Lewis
Host - Alli Graham

You'll discover...

  • The technique I teach my students so that they attract and then qualify their ideal clients automatically
  • I reveal the secret to converting prospects into paying clients
  • BONUS: Using one easy tool, you’ll get total clarity about where to find your ideal new customers – even if you’ve no idea where to start!
  • You’ll get exclusive access to the Members Only Facebook Group – along with everyone else taking part in the challenge
  • Each day I’ll share one task for you to complete and then you’ll post in the comments when you’re done
  • Each task can be done in just 30 minutes, and I’ll be on hand to answer all of your questions
  • You’ll be in a group of like-minded business professionals, as keen to improve their lead gen as you are
  • You never know… your OWN ideal customer might be in there too!
I signed up because I was super stuck with how to go about building my new business & how exactly I could translate what I do, into a real world offer people will want. To be honest, I wasn’t convinced it would help as I’ve done several of these challenges before. Actually I was BLOWN AWAY! Alli took me by the hand in a wonderful and friendly way. She took something that felt like a big mess in my head and helped me turn it into something I can actually use! I know who, what, how and why I’m doing the work I do and how much I can impact my clients in a fabulous way now. Thank you Alli, you’re a total rockstar!
Lizz Mears
I've been round the online world for a few years now and know the 5 day challenge is a popular lead in. But honestly, this is the only one I ever actually completed. I think the difference was the structure. It was really well thought out. It actually gave us a platform and templates to work from which was really helpful as it made us hyper focus. And with my very narrow time constraints it was very helpful to have that platform already there especially with the cross referencing technique
Claire K
Author & Speaker

Results that recent Students experienced after following this strategy…

Allí has brilliantly crafted a process to get you to a lead-magnet that works for you AND your audience. I was really struggling to decide what to offer, but The Quest gave me a structure to follow, and took me step by step to create something fabulous! I am so grateful!
Jaci Legge-Elliott
It was amazing! I learned sooooo much! About myself, my skills set, my services and how that reflects into marketing/production. The learning curve was freaking phenomenal! It's like she's a mystic guru, holding your hand, asking questions that seem unrelated and then the pattern falls into place and then EUREKA! This is what I can do!!!!
Suelynne Remetio
Jewelry Designer

Hi there! I’m Alli – nice to meet you (online, at least!)

Over the last few years, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners solve their lead generation nightmares and shown them how to create something that consistently delivers new customers to their doors – automatically.

So many business owners find that they’ve no idea where their next client is coming from. It’s stressful, and impacts cashflow. And frankly, everyone’s already too busy to spend time chasing after potential customers, without knowing if they’re interested or able to afford what’s on offer.

There’s another way. 

In this free 5-day challenge, I’ll show you how to create something that will give you a consistent stream of qualified leads that you control. And I’ll introduce you to the principles of marketing so that selling is easy.

Join the LIVE version of the international bestselling book ‘Alice and The Dragon and The Quest for Clients’ starting 2nd September 2019, and learn how to take back control. Each day you’ll get a new task – a building block for a lead magnet SO powerful that it works like magic to find, then qualify new customers for you automatically.

As well as this, I’ll be in the group every day to help you and lead you through the whole process so you get the most from taking part.

So – what’s stopping you taking part and creating your own qualified lead-generating machine that’ll bring you new, paying customers on automatic?

This challenge is about implementation and participation in the private group – so we all get the most out of it… I’ll be putting in 100% effort and expect you to do the same. So we’ll be rewarding the MOST engaged participants, and removing the least engaged ones. 

Are you up to the challenge?