So, how’s 2019 looking,
from an income point of view?

Did you do OK last year, for the most part? Maybe it was tougher than you wanted it to be? Perhaps you didn’t make as much money as you needed to pay the bills? Perhaps you worked more than you wish you had? Perhaps you only just held onto the last few shreds of sanity by your toenails?

Whatever happened… you know that you don’t want it to happen again this year.

If you’re going to make more money in less time, while maintaining the kind of quality of life that’s supposed to go along with your ‘Freedom Business’, then something’s gotta give.

If you want people to work with you, you’ll need to tell them what you do. Like… actually tell people. In a way that’ll make them want to pay you money.

You’re going to have to market yourself. 

I know.

And to top it all off, marketing has changed. Not for the better. Not for the more simple. Not for the easier. What worked a year ago isn’t working any more. 

You’ll need to evolve if you’re going to compete.

Taking inspired action works. But it’s the action bit of that formula that gets you the results. Not the inspiration behind it.

Implementation is the the bit that makes it real. It’s the bit that gets you from the dream to the reality. It’s the bit that gets you the results you want. So long as you implement the right thing.

Watching more videos and making more notes is not going to get you the lifestyle you crave. Falling down the YouTube rabbit hole and listening to Podcasts til your ears ache is going to get you precisely nowhere. Signing up for free webinars where the gurus give you five minutes of value in return for two hours of your attention is no longer a worthwhile use of your time.

You’re actually going to have to do something to make it happen.
You’re going to have to commit. 

So, what should you do instead? 

 Work out what you need to do. Find out how you need to do it. Implement… Simple.

Obvious, really, isn’t it? 
Except it’s a bit more complicated than that. 

Most international-standard Procrastinators have one thing in common – fear. Fear that they’ll do it wrong. Fear that they’ll get so far down their ‘to do’ list and then come screeching to a halt, because they don’t know how to take the next step. Then there’s the fear that all the time and money they’ve spent getting this far will be wasted… and that they’ll have proved everyone right.

So, they stop before they start. And stick there. And nothing changes, and no money comes in. And then they start to beat themselves up about it. And things just get worse. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easy to solve. If you know how.
The trick of course, is knowing how.

If you already have a product or a service, and a website, then honestly, you’re more than half way there. If you’ve got social media accounts set up and some pricing in place, then you’re closer still. All you need is the little bit of knowledge that will show you how to string it all together, so that it all makes sense. 

And more importantly… it all makes money.

And what is that essential little bit of knowledge?

How to market your business…
in today’s online environment.

Because, it’s changed. It used to be that anyone with half an idea, access to Facebook advertising and the ability to throw a landing page together could make money. And lots of it. But attention spans have shortened. Tolerance of ‘marketing spiel’ has reduced. The cost of acquiring new clients has sky-rocketed. And frankly, people are harder to please.

 Knowing what to do is not the same as knowing how to do it, or why you should. If you know you need to market, but the thought of it overwhelms you to the point of procrastination, then perhaps now is the time to join The Reluctant Marketer’s Mastermind.

It runs for 90 days and covers everything you need to know about how to structure and then systemise your marketing, so it happens easily, automatically and without stress.

The Mastermind is made up of nine modules. One is released each week, with the fourth week of each month given over to implementation… Because we all know that even with the best of intentions, life can get in the way.

There’s a live call each week to go with the module, where you can ask questions and get personalised advice about your own business. So even if the module doesn’t give you all the answers, then the live call will.

Topics covered include:

  • Lead Magnets – what kind of thing will work, plus systems to deliver them
  • Marketing email sequences
  • What the different social media platforms are good for
  • How to identify which ones will work for you
  • How to string stuff together so that you can show your content even on platforms that aren’t your ‘main’ platforms – but with no extra effort
  • SEO. Not mega important these days, but still worth looking at 
  • Webinars, sales funnels, automated selling
  • Guest blogging and expert speaker stuff
  • Pillars of content – why to do it and planning, batch creation and recycling 
  • CTA vs no CTA – why, where and when
  • How to decide what kind of thing to publish where, plus alternatives to Facebook and all that jazz

The financial deets:

£249 per month for three months

Includes lifetime access to the Mastermind.
If you’re ready to invest in your future, then I’m ready to commit to helping you build the future you want. 

What will happen if you join?

You’ll tell me about your ideal outcomes. You’ll tell me about your obstacles. Together, we’ll analyse the marketing obstacles that are preventing you from achieving success. And then we’ll build a strategy and a system to overcome them.

Because, you know as well as I do… if those obstacles go unaddressed, your trajectory will not be the one you want. I appreciate that the reason you’re considering this mastermind is so that together, we can prevent that from happening.

So, join us, and find out what you need to know about how to market your business to your ideal clients – easily, clearly and without any creepy sales stuff. 

What will happen if you don’t?

Absolutely nothing.

Your business, your commitment, your choice.

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