So, how are you doing,
from an income point of view?

Are you doing well, for the most part?
Making progress? Satisfied with your sales?

Or, putting it another way…

Now you’ve got to good, how much would you like to get to great?
Make more money? More easily? Faster?

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Perhaps it’s time for a review of the way you’re doing things.
Because if your marketing isn’t quite getting you the results that you actually want…
you might need to change something.

Here’s what we’ll do…

We’ll look at it all again, from the start.
Asking five questions.

  1. What do you actually want to make or do? Because it’s really hard to market something you don’t want to sell.
  2. What does selling that look like?
  3. How do you make that happen more easily?
  4. Who can help you make it happen faster?

And then, the most important question – asked after each answer…
‘Are you happy with that?’

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Taking inspired action works.
But it’s the action bit of that formula that gets you the results.
Not just the inspiration behind it.

Implementation is the the bit that makes it real. It’s the bit that gets you from the dream to the reality. It’s the bit that gets you the results you want.
So long as you implement the right thing.

Watching more videos and making more notes is not going to get you
to a level of income that’ll give you the lifestyle you crave.
Falling down the YouTube rabbit hole and listening to Podcasts til your ears ache
is going to get you precisely nowhere.
Signing up for free webinars where the gurus give you five minutes of value in return for two hours of your attention is no longer a worthwhile use of your precious time.

You’re better than that.
You need something better than that to take you to the next level. 
You need to work out exactly what’s been holding you back
from getting what you want.
Are you ready to recommit to your business and to yourself?

If you are, then sign up to the waitlist of The Reluctant Marketers Mastermind – a 6 week mastermind that’ll get to the crux of what’s been holding you back, find a solution for it, and then show you how to make the kind of splash you need to make if you’re going to make the money you want from your business.

Doors open again in Summer 2020.
As well as the psychology of selling,
topics we’ll cover include:

  • Lead Magnets – what kind of thing will work, plus systems to deliver them
  • Marketing email sequences
  • What the different social media platforms are good for
  • How to identify which ones will work for you
  • How to string stuff together so that you can show your content even on platforms that aren’t your ‘main’ platforms – but with no extra effort
  • SEO. Not mega important these days, but still worth looking at 
  • Webinars, sales funnels, automated selling
  • Guest blogging and expert speaker stuff
  • Pillars of content – why to do it and planning, batch creation and recycling 
  • CTA vs no CTA – why, where and when
  • How to decide what kind of thing to publish where, plus alternatives to Facebook and all that jazz
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