Woodcutter boost post course

You are the Woodcutter

Social Media is your JAM, baby. But people sure as heck aren’t. You’re held back by your crippling introversion. Or perhaps you’re just really grumpy. We can’t tell from here, tbh. Either way, selling your stuff without having to talk to anyone would suit you just fine, thanks.

Want to know how to do that? Join our FREE Quest for Clients on 29 April 2019. We pinky promise we won’t even look in your general direction, unless you want us to, at least.

The Woodcutter lives in the woods. Obviously. And when Alice needs something fixing, the Woodcutter fixes it. It might be a rooftile, it might be a leaking tap, it might be a Facebook Sales Funnel gone rogue. The man is a wonder.

He always had a bit of a thing about the Queen and pines helplessly for her.

But while he waits for her to recognise his magnificence, he helps Alice.

If it’s a practical solution you’re looking for, he can build an email marketing campaign out of three leaves and a broken rubber band.

A completely introverted weirdo, it’s no wonder he lives in the woods.

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